MovieGainz Top 10 Films of 2019

10. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

This French romance film takes a similar approach as Greta Gerwig’s Little Women (2019) by adapting this famous novel in a fresh, new style. This is at its core, a by-the-books romance; but has enough care and empathy for its characters on-screen to make it much more than that.

9. Ad Astra

James Gray takes us on a journey through space where we are met with stunning visuals and a fantastic performance from Brad Pitt. With a more focus on its story rather than its space action, ‘Ad Astra’ is truly one of the best space movies to be made. 

8. Little Women

Greta Gerwig reimagines the classic novel ‘Little Women’ and injects it with a modern touch. Gerwig’s writing improves by incorporating captivating characters and driving the thematics through those characters. Supported by an excellent cast – this story is truly timeless.

7. Ford V Ferrari

James Mangold crafts a cinematic achievement with Ford V Ferrari which excels in its technical aspects while making sure all the other moving parts work well in conjunction with each other. The high-octane auto action sequences are just as engaging and compelling as its characters. 

6. Avengers: Endgame

After 10 years and 22 movies it all came down to this. The epic finale in the Infinity Saga where it wrapped up every character’s arc to perfection. We laughed, we cried and a simple two worded sentence would send cinemas across the world into a frenzy. We witnessed a cinematic achievement that we would possibly never see again.

5. Knives Out

Rian Johnson reveals that he has many more tricks up his sleeve with this darkly funny whodunnit. With a stellar cast, a witty script, and some tasteful editing – this mystery film is a thoroughly enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

4. Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach intimately deconstructs love in this tragic family story. Baumbach’s intricate script details the final breaths of a bankrupt relationship and the real human response that comes with that. It’s charming, it’s heartbreaking, it’s witty, it’s agonizing – essentially a film viewing experience that we need once in a while.

3. Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino crafts his most personal film and takes his audience to the golden age of Hollywood. Tarantino breathes life into his characters making them extremely compelling and real – whilst painting the picture of 1969 Hollywood with such accuracy. Bringing in one of the most talented casts in recent memory – Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood is not one to be missed.

2. Parasite

With a richly intricate story and a powerful message – Parasite has been given accolades for good reason. Without a doubt one of the most meaningful foreign films of the decade, hell, one of the most meaningful films of this century. Parasite perfectly encapsulates complex power dynamics and perceptions; while at its core remaining a gripping and enticing thriller.

1. 1917

Sam Mendes’s epic one-shot visual masterpiece is our top film of 2019. Quite possibly one of the greatest war films to ever be made, not only was 1917 visually stunning, but it also delivered a heart pounding story which kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. 

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