About Us

Kia Ora!

Originating in New Zealand and established in 2015, MovieGainz began its journey through social media outlets with the intent to provide a distinct voice that explores all facets of filmmaking.

Over the years we have amassed a large community of diverse movie-goers; MovieGainz.com aims to be a central hub to display our wide variety of content. We produce two podcast shows, Let’s B-Reel and The MovieGainz Roundtable, they can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and 30 other podcasting platforms. MovieGainz continues to thrive on Instagram, Facebook, and LetterBoxd by producing engaging content and encouraging discussion. We have also built strong partnerships with film distributors, who appreciate our fair and impartial reviews. While the film community in New Zealand is prominent, there are few voices to represent our team of 5 million. We continue to contribute to our mutual goal of becoming one of New Zealand’s most trusted film publications.

MovieGainz is a proud member of the New Zealand Film Society and Film Independent.

Who are we?

James Lusty

Digital Brand Manager • Podcast Producer • Author

My passion for film begins in 2010 when I was sitting in a sold-out session of Inception. Through the years, film has become an integral piece of my life as it has taught me valuable life lessons, provided meaningful messages that I can relate to and pure entertainment I can indulge in. I founded MovieGainz to share my voice on film and create meaningful conversations with others. When I am not creating content or managing the day-to-day operations of MovieGainz, I’ll be spending that time with loved ones or playing/watching basketball.

Khyan Coslett

Design Manager • Podcast Producer • Senior Author

Even in my formative years my curiosity for film spanned widely and with great variety; from foreign films to those I was most certainly far too young to understand. Ever since I’ve had an almost insatiable desire to absorb and learn as much as I can from what I see on-screen. This hunger is matched only by my passion for writing, as writing about film can be as rewarding as watching the film itself. On my off-time I enjoy calibrating and refining my home cinema setup to provide myself the best experience I can.

Nayan Vallabh

Digital Marketing Manager • Podcast Producer • Author

If I’m not watching sports such as Rugby and Ice Hockey, I’m usually watching films. I discovered my passion for films at a young age that I explored more thoroughly once I joined MovieGainz. I find myself being able to connect with films as it is a means to immerse myself within different stories and worlds. The aspect of film that I enjoy most is the composed score as I find myself able to relate to the emotions of what’s happening on-screen. My favorite film score is Hans Zimmer’s musical pieces from Intersellar.