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Breathe movie review

Breathe – Review

Breathe follows the true story of a young man and his life dealing with his disability – in this he attempts to construct a wheelchair for the masses. Right off the bat, this type of story has been seen before in films such as The Theory of Everything (2015), now not to discredit any of…

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Detroit movie review

Detroit – Review

Katheryn Bigelow’s Detroit places the viewer in the shoes of the victims and the perpetrators of the war torn neighbourhood of Detroit and forces you to feel every ounce they experience. But does this sullen drama get everything right? Well, let’s dissect that. Detroit takes place during the 1967 raids and riots in the streets…

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Blade Runner 2049 movie review

Blade Runner 2049 – Review

It is so common within the landscape of cinema to be let down by sequel that is attempting to capitalize of the success of an older film part of that franchise. Blade Runner 2049 is absolutely, without a shred of doubt, an exception here. Set roughly 30 years after the events of the first Blade…

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Review

Sequels are hard, especially when you lose the original director, an instance of this was with Kick-Ass 2 (2013), a thoroughly underwhelming sequel to director Matthew Vaughn‘s original film. Thankfully time around Matthew Vaughn is here to ensure that Kingsman remains untarnished. The story continues the journey of Eggsy (Taron Egerton) months after the events…

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IT movie review

It – Review

Horror movies are about taking one’s fears and using them against the viewer, or in this case using the literal fears against the characters in the film. Director Andrés Muschietti has created as much of a coming-of-age drama as he has a fantasy/horror. The film follows the journey of a rag-tag group of kids (the…

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Good Time movie review

Good Time – Review

Standing as one of the most grounded and entertaining movies of the year; Good Time is about the unequivocal bond of brotherhood and the story of a misguided young man making decisions that he believes is best for his brother. Simply, Good Time follows the story of two brothers separated after a heist gone wrong,…

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer movie review

The Killing of a Sacred Deer – Review

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is an oddity among many screenplays, as it unconventionally creates an emotional storyline without much emotion – another step in solidifying Yorgos Lanthimos‘ peculiar style. In this strange story we follow a Doctor (Colin Farrell) attempting to atone for a mistake he feel he made. From the director of…

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A Ghost Story movie review

A Ghost Story – Review

Slow, methodical, and meditative – A Ghost Story won’t be for those that bore easily, but it will reward those who can put up with its mellow length. Pushed with intent, this fantasy drama film follows the harrowed journey of a lost ghost as it peers through time. A Ghost Story is about the exploration…

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The Beguiled movie review

The Beguiled – Review

When I heard that Sofia Coppola was making a period drama I brushed it aside as perhaps another attempt to try her hand at creating another film similar to Marie Antoinette (2006) and immediately felt a sense of disinterest, but as material released, my interest had peaked and I’m glad it did, as The Beguiled…

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Atomic Blonde movie review

Atomic Blonde – Review

Armed with lead actress Charlize Theron, supporting actor James McAvoy, and director of John Wick (2014), David Leitch; Atomic Blonde has plenty of talent to utilize, and it does… to an extent. Atomic Blonde follows the story an British spy (Charlize Theron) on a mission to obtain a list in Germany that contains the names…

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