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The Square movie review

The Square – Review

If you’re in the mood for weird but not too weird, then search no more – The Square hits a nice balance between odd and entertaining. Winning the Palme d’Or and cementing director Ruben Östlund as a talent; The Square is a film about art, as it literally takes place in an art museum in…

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the big sick movie review

The Big Sick – Review

The stagnant state of the rom-com genre has gone unnoticed by myself, as the trend began dying out as early as 2006. The Big Sick made me experience one of those watershed moments where you realize just how few rom-com’s have actually released in this decade, furthermore, just how few good ones. The Big Sick…

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wind river movie review

Wind River – Review

From the writer of Sicario (2015) and Hell or High Water (2016), Taylor Sheridan has his directorial debut with Wind River, and thus concluding his trilogy of films. Wind River is another exploration of the failings in fatherhood, and the modern American frontier, as it explores real events to create awareness for current day issues….

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War for the Planet of the Apes movie review

War for the Planet of the Apes – Review

Few trilogies ever really pan out in a fashion that has each successive film become increasingly better; well, it does here. War for the Planet of the Apes continues the story of Caesar and the dilapidated world of humanity that has now almost entirely fallen apart. War for the Planet of the Apes stretches it…

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Despicable Me 3 movie review

Despicable Me 3 – Review

There are two types of people who go Despicable Me or Minions movies, those who are dragged and those that come with a smile on their face. Depending on which group you identify as will depend on whether this film does anything for you. Despicable Me 3 continues the story of Gru, his daughters, and…

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churchill movie review

Churchill – Review

If you’re here to gain a better understanding of the events that lead to one of world’s greatest invasions, well, turn back – because what you’ll get is a character-study of Churchill more than a lesson on history. Churchill takes place during the days leading up to D-Day, covering Churchill’s fundamental disagreement with the invasion…

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rough night movie review

Rough Night – Review

If you’re planning on watching it in the evening, then I’d say this movie does one thing right, it lives up to its name, because you’re sure as hell going to have a rough night. Rough Night is a dark comedy film directed by Lucia Aniello, it is her first feature film and hopefully her…

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Wonder Woman movie review

Wonder Woman – Review

The savior, Wonder Woman, has arrived in all her Amazonian glory – bearing a shield to protect itself from the seemingly inescapable DCEU criticisms, a lasso to round up all the critics, and a sword to make sure they know who’s calling the shots. Get ready for something truly wonderful. Wonder Woman follows the story…

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Alien: Covenant - Movie - Review

Alien: Covenant – Review

While the marketing implies a potential horror storyline and a crew having a family dynamic akin to the original Alien films – Alien: Covenant instead leads with the same style as Prometheus (2012); with less focus on the alien and crew, and more focus on the story building. Alien: Covenant follows the story of a…

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