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Breaking Down The Suicide Squad Characters

With two trailers down and looking like a step in the right direction for the DC Universe, James Gunn brings us his version of The Suicide Squad where it seems as if it is going to be just as bonkers as the characters themselves. Speaking of the characters, James Gunn has decided to return a few fan favourites while bringing in a wide range of new villains to join Task Force X. So strap yourselves in as we are about to dissect the characters in The Suicide Squad…

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis)

The intimidating mastermind behind the creation of Task Force X, Viola Davis returns as Amanda Waller. Amanda Waller is well known for being the director for the Suicide Squad where she is often interchanges between the line of good and evil with her intimidation and manipulation of the Suicide Squad members.

Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman)

Recruited by Amanda Waller, Rick Flag is a Special Forces officer who is tasked with leading the Suicide Squad on their field operations while ensuring that the villainous members do not disobey orders or flee, otherwise he will have to put them down by any means necessary. Joel Kinnaman reprises his role where he has stated that this version of Rick Flag is more naive, sillier and funny compared to his 2016 role.

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)

This will be Margot Robbie’s third appearance as Harley Quinn in the DC Universe where you can bet she will portray the character to perfection once again. Harley Quinn can be seen as the wild card of the Suicide Squad who tends to push the boundaries and the patience of Amanda Waller and Rick Flag. Now the interesting thing about Harley Quinn is that she was never created in the comic books, she was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series as a therapist for The Joker where she eventually falls in love with The Joker and starts to descend into his madness.

Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney)

Initially from Australia where he gained the knowledge of using boomerangs as weapons, Captain Boomerang is an iconic enemy of both Barry Allen’s and Wally West’s version of The Flash. When he isn’t tormenting The Flash he is often recruited for missions with the Suicide Squad. 

Bloodsport (Idris Elba)

Created in the 1987 DC comic book Superman Vol 2. #4 Bloodsport was born as an adversary for Superman. There have been many versions of Bloodsport since his creation but the most notable one being Robert DuBois. After finding out that his brother was drafted in his place for the Vietnam War causing Robert to suffer multiple mental breakdowns where he was then convinced by Lex Luthor that Superman was to blame for the reason his brother was drafted. Robert DuBois is the iteration we will see in The Suicide Squad who will be portrayed by Idris Elba after initially being casted as Deadshot.

Peacemaker (John Cena)

A character so hellbent on achieving peace he is willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish his goal, thus bringing us Peacemaker, played by none other than John Cena who has described his character as a “douchey Captain America’. We were first introduced to Peacemaker way back in 1966 where the character was used as an inspiration for Alan Moore’s Watchmen Character, The Comedian.

Savant (Michael Rooker)

Savant was first introduced in 2003 as a man with vast fortune who had nothing else better to do with his time where he learnt the art of computer hacking and becoming a vigilante where he horrifically stops criminals and was later arrested as the methods he used to capture the criminals was worse than the crimes itself. Now it wouldn’t be a James Gunn movie if Michael Rooker isn’t part of the cast, and he gets to portray this crazy character who is rumored to suffer from a short term memory. We all know Michael Rooker will be able to capture the balance comedy and seriousness of this character to perfection.

The Thinker (Peter Capaldi)

A classic villain in The Flash’s rogue gallery where he has been tormenting the Scarlet Speedster since 1943. Recent iterations of this character has his abilities of being so super intelligent that he is able to create technology which gives him the ability of telekinesis and mind control. The Thinker made his first live action debut during The CW’s The Flash TV series where he was the main villain throughout the fourth season.

King Shark (Sylvester Stallone)

Its already a given that King Shark is going to be a fan favourite during The Suicide Squad and with Sylvester Stallone voicing this character I can already see him being compared to Vin Diesel’s Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. King Shark has been part of The Flash’s rouge gallery since 1994 where he is basically a giant man-shark with super abilities such as super strength and speed, oh and he also loves to eat people so he is already going to be a great fit for the Suicide Squad.

Javelin (Flula Borg)

Javelin used to be a former German Olympic javelin thrower who later decided to take up the life of being a criminal. Javelin has been known to have a few encounters with Green Lantern where he eventually loses and decides to join the Suicide Squad.

Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian)

First established in 1962, Polka-Dot Man is known for creating a unique suit full of Polka-Dots where each dot has a various ability/item which can be used to his convenience when ripped off his suit. Polka-Dot Man is primarily a villain for Batman before being recruited for the Suicide Squad.

Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior)

A former occupation of catching rats throughout Gotham, Ratcatcher later decides to become a criminal and quickly becomes one of Batman’s villains. When it comes to Ratcatcher abilities, just think of it as The Pied Piper where he has the ability to communicate and control rats. The female version is what we will see in The Suicide Squad where she is called Ratcatcher 2 and is allegedly the daughter of the original Ratcatcher.

Blackguard (Pete Davidson)

A cocky and overconfident villain who is a specialised marksman who is equipped with an enhanced combat suit and specialised weapons that he uses during his criminal activities or when he feels like causing Booster Gold some trouble and ultimately losing.

T.D.K (Nathan Fillion)

Now there is very little information on T.D.K played by Nathan Fillion and he could be an entirely new character created by James Gunn. However rumors have it that T.D.K stands for The Detachable Kid who is a comic book character created in 1989 where he can detach his arms and use it to bludgeon his victims. The Detachable Kid has never appeared on the Suicide Squad roster so if James Gunn’s T.D.K is in fact this character, it would mark his first time on this villainous team.

Weasel (Sean Gunn)

I’m sure we were all thinking ‘what the hell is that!” when the first trailers dropped showing this character and I’m sure after watching this film we will still have this same thought. In the comics Weasel is a character who couldn’t handle the pressure of being a university student so he decided to dress up as a weasel and murder his fellow classmates. However, with The Suicide Squad it seems as if he will just be a bloody thirsty human like rodent portrayed by Sean Gunn.

Mongal (Mayling Ng)

Mongal is an alien conqueror who resides from Warworld, a planet known for performing gladiator styled battles. She is the daughter of Mongul who was seemingly disrespected by Superman which caused Mongal and her brother to track down Superman and attempt to kill him.

So there you have it, The Suicide Squad lineup in all its glory and there is still Taika Waititi’s mysterious role also. I think we all know that this group is going to be just as if not more dysfunctional as the 2016 Suicide Squad line up. Releasing on August 5th, The Suicide Squad is already shaping to be once of this years biggest and craziest hits of 2021 and if you haven’t seen it already, you can view the theatrical trailer below.

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