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BAYWATCH movie review

Baywatch – Review

Offering only the occasional chuckle sprinkled with some high tier eye candy – Baywatch is neither entirely serious or comedic as a whole. This is… exactly what you’d expect. Baywatch follows the story of six lifeguards joining forces to take down a drug lord. If not for the charm of Dwayne Johnson and the peculiar…

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Review

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is Guy Ritchie’s attempt at bringing this historical legend to the big screen – but can Richie’s modern film-making style truly meld with a middle-ages fantasy? Simply, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword follows a man named Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) and his quest to take up the magical sword…

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The Sense of an Ending movie review

The Sense of an Ending – Review

Book-to-film adaptations have become very common in the past decade, I find that most lose touch with what the novel was intending to say, however, The Sense of an Ending sits on the edge. The Sense of an Ending was directed by Ritesh Batra, it follows the story of a divorced man called Tony Webster…

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Alien: Covenant - Movie - Review

Alien: Covenant – Review

While the marketing implies a potential horror storyline and a crew having a family dynamic akin to the original Alien films – Alien: Covenant instead leads with the same style as Prometheus (2012); with less focus on the alien and crew, and more focus on the story building. Alien: Covenant follows the story of a…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 – Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is funny, colorful, and enjoyable in most categories – Drax makes inappropriate jokes, Baby Groot dances, and there’s 80’s music playing constantly; if you want all those things, then you’ll get them in droves. However, if you wanted a tenser story with richer character development, this sequel focuses primarily…

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colossal movie review

Colossal – Review

Colossal is a film that should neither work nor exist; yet it functions firmly as a dark comedy with just enough drama, suspense, and quirkiness to keep you intrigued till the very end. Colossal is a sci-fi comedy directed by Nacho Vigalondo – it follows the story of a young woman with an alcohol problem…

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fate of the furious movie review - Poster - Still

The Fate of the Furious – Review

Flipping cars, explosions, and the comedic tough guy one-liners – whether you roll your eyes or laugh at the absurdity, Fate of the Furious is designed to be as entertaining as it is ridiculous. Fate of the Furious is an action film directed by F. Gary Gray and is the 8th installment of the Fast…

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