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Fancasts: The Best Actresses to Play Invisible Woman in the MCU for Fantastic Four 

Here we round out the last of our Marvel Cinematic Universe Fantastic Four fancasts with Invisible Woman. This has been one of the more popular discussions when it comes to who will play the roles of the Fantastic Four. Invisible Women is a multifaceted character who possesses interesting superpowers alongside intellect and leadership qualities. For the character to work on-screen, we will need an actress who is able to convey the depth of the character with a unique understanding. In this post, we will be exploring the best options to portray the character and analyze their potential. 

Our top fancasts for the MCU version of Invisible Woman/Susan Storm:

#1: Emily Blunt

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm fancasts for the MCU Fantastic Four – Emily Blunt

A natural selection here. Emily Blunt has always been mixed in the conversation for who should play this iconic character and fairly so, she is a great pick. Blunt has always had a commanding presence on-screen and has a versatile acting portfolio. Whether it is intense action films such as Edge of Tomorrow or Sicario, thrillers like A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place: Part II or a musical like Mary Poppins Returns. She is a well-rounded actress who could easily fit inside the MCU as Susan Storm. Further to this, her husband (John Krasinski), is heavily advocated to play Mr Fantastic (who is married to Susan Storm), which would make for a dynamic on-screen pairing. 

#2: Samara Weaving

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm fancasts for the MCU Fantastic Four – Samara Weaving

Weaving is an up-and-coming actor who has played a significant role in an array of different films – on the cusp of completely breaking out, Fantastic Four may just be the role she needs for it. Samara Weaving feels like she could bring her own unique take to the character by bringing a dynamic and charismatic energy to the character. Weaving has proven she has the talent and range to make the portrayal compelling. 

#3: Jodie Comer

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm fancasts for the MCU Fantastic Four – Jodie Comer

Similar to Samara Weaving, Jodie Comer is on the cusp of breaking out into super stardom in Hollywood and joining the MCU is something many people are anticipating. There is currently no information on whether Comer is actually wanting to join the MCU but if she were to have interest then Susan Storm is perfect for her. The MCU may want to target a youthful cast to ensure they can stay in the MCU for a decent length. This would make Comer a suitable fit and as for her portrayal, she has already proved her acting chops through previous TV series and films.

#4: Jessica Rothe

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm fancasts for the MCU Fantastic Four – Jessica Rothe

A rather unconventional pick as Rothe hasn’t quite had the career that the previous options have as her most known performances lie within the Happy Death Day franchise. As depicted in that franchise, Rothe brings a youthful and charismatic energy to her character which would translate nicely within the MCU. We may question her ability to demonstrate her dramatic acting abilities as the Happy Death Day franchise doesn’t offer too much to make a complete assessment – although, we appreciated her work in that. With her charisma and natural talent, Jessica Rothe makes an interesting and intriguing pick. 

#5: Evan Rachel Wood

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm fancasts for the MCU Fantastic Four – Evan Rachel Wood

Assisting in making Westworld the critical success it is today is due to Evan Rachel Wood’s performance in the show. In fact, the writer’s initial impression of her was that she possessed the perfect appearance to play Sue Storm, and as the series Westworld unfolded, she proved her ability to bring the Marvel Comics character to life with aplomb. We agree. Her ability to convey emotion through a nuanced performance will allow for so much depth to be applied to the character. She is a strong candidate for the role.

#6: Kerry Washington

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm fancasts for the MCU Fantastic Four – Kerry Washington

This is a selection that I have seen such little discussion on and I understand why as there is a lot of talent for the role – although, I think Kerry Washington should be much higher in the conversation for this role. Washington is a seasoned veteran within Hollywood so she immediately has experience in a variety of roles and can apply that to a Susan Storm portrayal. Important to note is that Washington has been a trailblazer in Hollywood advocating for further diversity in films and casting her in this role would add some diversity to the MCU’s massive range of characters.

The character of Invisible Woman holds immense potential and each suggested actress can provide a fresh take and their own distinct qualities to the role. The actress for the role of Invisible Woman is yet to be determined as Marvel has only recently started the casted process. I trust that the suggestions here has expanded your appreciation for the various performers who could play the part and the character itself.

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