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Fancasts: The Best Actors to Play Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy

Coming straight off the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, James Gunn’s next film be Superman: Legacy in which he is writing and directing. It also begins the new chapter in the DCU, which is another fascinating conversation. Rumors’ are heating up for who will be cast in this highly anticipated film and we’ve had couple of details come our way in the last week. We figured this would be the perfect time to dive into our top picks for the role. The Superman mantle is tough to live up to as the character has resonated with fans across decades and so, that is when the fancasts begin. In this post, we will be exploring the best options to portray the character and analyze their potential.

Our top fancasts for Superman/Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy:

Superman/Clark Kent fancasts for Superman: Legacy - Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi

May not be everyone’s first pick and certainly a divisive one, we are assured that Jacob Elordi would be a strong fit for the role. Already one of the names in the mix to play the iconic character, although sources say he hasn’t submitted any interest in the role just yet. Elordi has a captivating screen presence that would translate for a role of this magnitude. He clearly has the physical prowess with his towering stature and a bold jawline. It may be the one of the better youthful picks to choose from.

Superman/Clark Kent fancasts for Superman: Legacy - Wolfgang Novogratz

Wolfgang Novogratz

If Superman: Legacy is going to opt towards a youthful version of Superman then Wolfgang Novogratz may be one of the better picks (Easily the best name of our picks). Novogratz would bring new energy and a youthful charm to the role in a way to provide a fresh and exciting interpretation. Throughout his small filmography, he has demonstrated his ability to connect with audience and be a versatile actor, for his age. This may just be the role he needs to break new ground as an actor.

Superman/Clark Kent fancasts for Superman: Legacy - Richard Madden

Richard Madden

Always having the ability to exude heroism and charisma, Richard Madden is an obvious choice. His portrayal of Ikaris in Eternals also demonstrates these attributes and his ability to command the screen amongst a group of actors and empowered characters. Madden more be a bit more aged than what James Gunn is searching for but there is zero doubt he could perform a layered and nuanced performance of the iconic superhero.

Superman/Clark Kent fancasts for Superman: Legacy - Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson

This surely won’t be on many people’s radar but we believe Nick Robinson could play Superman, albeit, an unconventional choice. There would certainly be a boyish charm to it and the physicality of the role could be lacking. Honestly, that can be manipulated and it isn’t the most important piece of capturing the essence of Clark Kent. Robinson has natural charisma and relatable persona may be the right ingredients to provide a very different version of Superman. Perhaps, that is exactly what we need with this character right now.

Superman/Clark Kent fancasts for Superman: Legacy - Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson

If there is anyone who can capture the presence and physicality of Superman – it’s Alan Ritchson. He has an extremely imposing stature, striking features and a chiseled physique. He has experience playing DC characters under his belt and has shown his ability to embody strength and heroism. Adding layers and complexities to the character may be one of the hardships where I question Ritchson’s acting chops. Still, I truly believe he can leave a lasting impact and captivate audiences.

Superman/Clark Kent fancasts for Superman: Legacy - Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

This is mainly an honorary mention from us as there is no possibility of him being cast in Superman: Legacy. We simply couldn’t leave him off any of our fancasts for this role. Henry Cavill didn’t get a complete chance to prove himself in a great film. What we saw from him in role captured a faithful audience worldwide that would happily welcome him back. We would certainly appreciate Cavill receiving the chance to play the role under coherent and organized management.

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