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Physical Media – Fast & Furious 6 4K Review

Revving its engine for the sixth chapter of the muscle car saga, this installment roars onto the 4K Ultra HD physical media scene with a stunning HEVC H.265 encode that delivers a visual experience that is both striking and captivating, although it may not immediately showcase the full potential of the format throughout this film.

The transition to 2160p resolution brings subtle yet noteworthy enhancements over its Blu-Ray HD counterpart, making it a worthwhile upgrade for physical media owners. The overall definition and clarity receives a significant boost, allowing viewers to appreciate even the tiniest details, such as the intricate folds and creases in clothing. The stitching and threading in outfits, as well as the interiors of various vehicles, become vividly visible. The city’s architecture in the background is now rendered with distinct pockmarks and cracks, while the worn-out cars showcase minor scratches and delicate rust spots. While some actors may occasionally appear pale, the majority of the cast exhibits lifelike complexions, revealing the smallest imperfections. Shot on traditional 35mm film, each scene is bathed in a fine layer of natural grain, contributing to the film’s beautiful cinematic quality. However, a few instances of mild aliasing can be observed along the sharpest edges of windows and light fixtures.

Presented in its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio, the transfer also boasts improved contrast, adding a noticeable brightness and appeal to the movie. Crisp, clean whites dominate every scene, making the numerous nighttime sequences truly stand out. Specular highlights during these moments exhibit a marked improvement, bringing the chrome trim of the cars to life with real sparkle and lending a sharp clarity to headlights and explosions. The brightness levels throughout the film demonstrate an impressive dynamism, with smooth gradations between shades and pitch-black shadows that do not compromise the finer details in the darkest portions. The combination of exceptional contrast and improved brightness produces breathtaking aerial shots of the city skyline at night. While the original cinematography may not be overly colorful, the primaries, particularly reds, and blues, appear more vibrant. Secondary hues exude a lovely glow, and flesh tones exhibit a heightened naturalness and realism compared to the Blu-ray version, making the UHD release a substantial improvement.

Visuals Review: 3.7/5

Physical Media - Fast & Furious 6

The upgraded 4K video the Furious team accelerates into action with a turbocharged DTS:X soundtrack that offers several enhancements over its predecessor while maintaining a similar overall experience. The soundstage expands widely, enveloping the listener with an immersive wall of sound that extends across all three channels and into the front heights, creating a convincing and spacious audio environment. With exceptional separation and fidelity, the roar of car engines reverberates through city streets, while the mid-range maintains remarkable definition and detail even during the most intense action sequences. Vocals remain precise and intelligible throughout, and the low-end packs a punch, adding weight to the music and delivering lifelike growls from the engines and booming explosions.

The side and rear speakers are consistently being engaged, filling the soundscape with a variety of background activities, from the subtle ambient effects of Brian and Mia’s home to the screeching noise of car races. A significant portion of the sound design revolves around the surround speakers, creating a highly satisfying audio field with cars racing from all directions. Occasionally, atmospherics extend into the ceiling speakers, but the musical score takes full advantage of the format, filling the overhead space with its captivating presence. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this object-based format is the convincingly rendered rumble of car engines echoing through the surroundings, creating an immersive dome-like effect that owners will undoubtedly love.

Sound Review: 4/5

Fast & Furious 6 brings the beloved franchise to new heights. With its stunning visuals, immersive sound, and comprehensive bonus features, it offers fans a thrilling and captivating cinematic experience. Whether you’re a longtime enthusiast or a newcomer to the franchise, this release is a definitive upgrade that is sure to rev up your home entertainment collection. Buckle up and prepare to be blown away by the adrenaline-fueled spectacle of Fast & Furious 6 in glorious 4K Ultra HD.


Technical SpecsDetails
Two-Disc Combo Pack
UHD-66 Dual-Layer Disc
BD-50 Dual-Layer Disc
Video Resolution/Codec2160p HEVC/H.265
Aspect Ratio(s)2.35:1
Audio Formats
English DTS:X
English DTS-HD MasterAudio 7.1
English DTS-HD MasterAudio 5.1
Subtitles/CaptionsEnglish SDH, French, Spanish
Special FeaturesFeaturettes
Deleted Scenes
UltraViolet Digital Copy
Movie StudioUniversal Studios

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