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How to Have Sex – A Gritty Rites-of-Passage Odyssey

How to Have Sex - A Gritty Rites-of-Passage Odyssey

Rating: ★★★☆☆

In “How to Have Sex,” directed by the visionary Molly Manning Walker, a mesmerizing journey unfolds within the captivating backdrop of the New Zealand International Film Festival. Through this unapologetically raw and immersive cinematic experience, audiences are plunged headfirst into the exhilarating, yet disorienting, world of three British teenage girls seeking liberation on a rites-of-passage holiday. It’s a film that pulsates with the rhythm of summer heat, neon lights, and throbbing beats, inviting us to explore the complex tapestry of youthful exploration, self-discovery, and the intoxicating allure of the clubbing scene.

At the heart of the narrative beats the story of Tara, played with astounding depth by the exceptional Mia McKenna-Bruce. Her portrayal is a revelation, a young actress whose potential shines brightly on the horizon. As Tara, Bruce artfully takes us on a transformative journey, from the naive excitement of departure to the emotionally charged crescendo that reshapes her identity. The film tactfully dissects Tara’s evolution, peeling away layers to reveal the impact of the intoxicating allure of nightlife and its unforgiving trials.

The visceral authenticity of “How to Have Sex” is both its triumph and its challenge. James, my esteemed cinematic companion, and I found ourselves embroiled in a complex relationship with the movie’s portrayal of the clubbing culture. It’s an ingenious strategy by Walker, who employs every trick in the book to engulf viewers in the overwhelming sensory experience of a night out. The pounding music, the suffocating heat, the relentless whirlwind of bodies—these elements are masterfully orchestrated to drag us into Tara’s world. Yet, in this audacious gamble, we discovered a double-edged sword. While this technique brilliantly underscores the film’s intentions, it also led to moments of viewer fatigue, an immersion so potent that it could be overwhelming.

How to Have Sex - A Gritty Rites-of-Passage Odyssey

James and I diverge in our response to the film’s music. For me, the pulsating beats resonated with the rhythm of my own playlist, making the experience oddly familiar. The soundtrack, a curated selection of club anthems, both defined and blurred the boundaries between the characters’ reality and our own. It’s an audacious choice that works, even as it flirts with sensory overload.

However, James, with his sensitivity to prolonged auditory assault, found the relentless beats grating, a sentiment mirrored in his critique of the film’s ambiance. He questioned the necessity of a seemingly never-ending party sequence, highlighting a poignant lack of dialogue during these moments. While undoubtedly authentic, these sequences risked diluting engagement and potentially detracting from the film’s thematic prowess.

Yet, where “How to Have Sex” truly captivates is in its exploration of complex relationships. The tenuous camaraderie between Tara and her friends is expertly crafted, yielding moments of genuine tension and introspection. The bond between Tara and her confidante Badger is particularly striking—both a testament to unbreakable solidarity and a cautionary tale of the perils of obliviousness. The characters’ interactions embody the ebb and flow of friendships under duress, both poignant and frustratingly true to life.

In terms of resolution, the film leaves us yearning for more. Some narrative threads dangle, a deliberate choice that may reflect the unforgiving nature of real life. It’s a bold gambit, reinforcing the film’s commitment to authenticity and mirroring the unresolved complexities of youth. While part of me longed for a more satisfying closure, I recognized the power of this decision in echoing the messy, unpredictable nature of life’s chapters.

Ultimately, “How to Have Sex” is a challenging masterpiece, a film that fearlessly navigates the turbulent seas of youth and self-discovery. Its unflinching portrayal of the clubbing scene’s allure and the accompanying pitfalls is a double-edged sword that slices through our senses, leaving an indelible mark. While it may test our endurance, it offers a potent mirror to our own experiences and encourages reflection on the significance of empathy and understanding in the lives of those around us.

In this captivating exploration of youth, friendship, and the intoxicating allure of club culture, “How to Have Sex” achieves a rare balance between unflinching authenticity and thought-provoking storytelling. It stands as a testament to Molly Manning Walker’s prowess and the undying potential of the young talents who grace the screen.

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