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Man of Steel – Review

Man of Steel movie review

Zack Snyder‘s first entrance into the DCEU began with Man of Steel – he set both the tone and the visual precedence over all future films, there’s no denying Snyder is a master of visuals, and this is where he shines, he has produced some of the greatest visual cinematography in the superhero genre; not only that, he is renowned for being faithful to the original material.

While Snyder’s work on creating visual imagery is nearly unmatched, his approach towards storytelling is entirely different. Much of his content works in heavily stylized sequences all stitched together, these messy series of scenes happen spontaneously, and without regard to the film’s flow or pacing. Not only this, many of his characters have a distinct disconnection, as we sometimes find it difficult to sympathize with any of them.

Man of Steel looks good, and feels good – but the moment you begin watching the film, the issues at its core become evident. Snyder has his grand vision for parts of a great film, but ultimately smears it by forgetting about the crucial nature of a film’s flow and the characters within the world.


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