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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Review


What was once thought dead has now been reborn, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the revitalization this franchise needed, complimented by a modern sleek aesthetic and absurd stunts that remind audiences why these films deserve to be around.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol follows the story of Ethan Hunt and his team at IMF as they are wrongly accused of bombing the Kremlin. In a race against time, Ethan must find the real culprits.

As action films grow ever-more flashy and complex with the aid of computer imagery, the audiences expectations for what they deem exciting grows proportionally. Action films are changing, and while there have been outliers like John Wick and Daniel Craig’s James Bond, very few have survived this generation of film-making with their lead actors intact. Ghost Protocol is in many ways your standard action flick in terms of its story and depth; the villain provides little in the way of intrigue and the story itself is about as convoluted as any generic action film; so what is it about this series that makes it so good despite having clear signs of unoriginality? It all comes down to the lack of bull-shit that this film provides.

Ghost Protocol has accepted its true face as a Mission Impossible film, it isn’t afraid to call itself ludicrous nor is it afraid to prove it. You’ll often hear the phrase “say what you want about Tom Cruise but the man knows how to make an action film“; Cruise’s sheer will in doing his own stunts sets the Mission Impossible franchise apart from many of the action franchises that still live on today, there’s something you simply can’t replace when your lead actor is really doing his own stunts, something real, and something that no amount of money can buy.

Ghost Protocol sets the franchise on the right path for what this franchise should stand for, a fast paced action flick with stunts that seem truly impossible. Ghost Protocol brings the Mission Impossible franchise back from the grave with a quick-paced story, faithful character continuity, and stunts… real, raw, and breathtaking stunts.


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