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MovieGainz Top 10 Most Anticipated Films for 2018

It is looking like another great year for films – 2018 has some fantastic movies on the way, from blockbuster epics to indie darlings. It truly has something for everyone, as for us, these are our most anticipated films for 2018 as ranked by our authors.

10. The Death & Life of John F. Donovan

The Death & Life of Jon E Donovan

We have been buzzing about this film for quite a while due to it’s extremely impressive cast and a young but talented director, Xavier Dolan. This film is backed by a lot of talent and an intriguing plot which is one we can easily get behind. It will also be interesting to see how Kit Harrington handles the lead role in a feature film.

9. Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake

Written and Directed by a promising director – David Robert Mitchell (It Follows), the film is described as a neo-noir crime thriller. Immediately that triggers our anticipation as that genre is a rarity in today’s industry, also add Andrew Garfield as our lead and it gets better with it being supported by A24. Little is known about the film as such, but definitely have this on your radar this year.

8. Black Panther

Black Panther

From the widely esteemed director Ryan Coogler (Creed), how could we not include this film? Fantastic directors taking on a Marvel film always offer up the entertainment treat of the year; with Taika Waititi proving that a good director can make all the difference in a Marvel film. The ensemble cast offer up draw-dropping talent across the board and we are excited to see an entirely new perspective taken in the MCU.

8. Cloverfield 3 (A.K.A The God Particle)


As hyper secretive marketing and promotional material goes, Cloverfield stands at the top for their last 2 films and this one is no exception. What can really be said? If you’ve seen both Cloverfield films then you know why there’s a reason to be excited, these films almost always offer something fresh and interesting in a wildly intense sci-fi scenario. Though delays may make others worried, it only adds suspense for what the hell this film will be all about!

6. Ready Player One

Ready Player One

Spielberg is back again with another blockbuster which adapts Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’ novel. As for the book, we have heard great things and we all know Spielberg has the ability to adapt something like this on screen. As for the film itself, it is filled with pop culture icons which is very exciting and nostalgic. It has a talented cast behind it and the overall concept gets us intrigued. The action looks whack and we can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

5. Untitled Deadpool Sequel

Deadpool 2

The first Deadpool was dead funny – with spoofing, satire, and plenty of laugh out loud moments, we can count on this to be the comedy of the year if the comedy films of 2018 are to be as bad as 2017’s (excluding The Disaster Artist of course). Ryan Reynolds comes back as the character he owns, and with Brolin into the mix we’re hoping for some damn good laughs between them.

4. Annihilation


Of Course we couldn’t leave this film off the list. We have been tracking this film for a while now and boy, we are insanely excited for this one. This film is coming from the director of ‘Ex Machina’, which was one of our favourite films of 2015. Also, comes with it, the talented Natalie Portman in the lead role. The rest of the cast is just great and the concept of the film is so intriguing. The film looks stunning from a visual standpoint which just tops it off.

3. The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2

Without a doubt this film is the animated event of the year. The Incredibles has not only been a fundamental part of our past, but also a milestone in the superhero genre – showing that fantastic characters and classic superhero films can be thrilling, funny, and intelligent all at the same time. We are beyond excited for this film, and we would go as far as to say that this is the most exciting film since Inside Out. We’re hoping for something truly special, as the animated films of 2017 were average at their very best.

2. First Man

First Man

Damien Chazelle is quite frankly already well on his way to becoming a living legend in cinema. Who couldn’t be excited for one of his films, and this time… Set in space! Chazelle have proven to be a special treat whenever he brings forth a new film, making them a special treat of the year. With Ryan Gosling helming the lead role, we hope for an intense and emotional film experience. It has been a while since we’ve had a true story film set in space.

1. Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War

WHAT’S THIS?! A shocking winner of our most anticipated films for 2018. We are insanely excited for this film for so many different reasons. Over the years our hype for MCU (and superhero films) have dialed down a little but this film right here is different. It’s a cinematic event with 10 years in the making, 18 films behind it leading up to an incredible culmination of the MCU thus far. Featuring probably the biggest cast in a film of all-time and talented directors. The Russo Brothers are great at balancing characters and showing the stakes. Hopefully this time round the technical side of the filmmaking process has a more creative and innovative spin to it.

Film is subjective. Give us your thoughts!

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