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MovieGainz Top 10 Pixar Films

Starting back in 1995, Pixar has quickly become one the best animation studios in the movie industry. Ranging from light-hearted fun to tugging on our emotional heart strings, here are our Top 10 Pixar Films.

10. Toy Story 2

Top 10 Pixar Films

Toy Story 2 is a brilliant follow up to the original, where it manages to build upon the world of Toy Story while also introducing a range of new characters. What cements Toy Story 2 as one of the greats is not the actual movie itself but what comes after. The animated blooper reel that plays throughout the credits is an absolute delight and caps off the movie in a brilliant way. 

9. UP

Top 10 Pixar Films

It’s fair to say that the opening scene in Up is quite possibly one of the best scenes in Pixar history as it’s one of the first times Pixar really tugs on our heart strings. However that’s not the only thing that makes Up so special. The character development of Carl, a grumpy old man who is clinging onto a promise he made with his late wife, we see him grow into a more caring and understanding human as he becomes a father figure to young Russell.

8. Inside Out

Top 10 Pixar Films

What if Toys were alive? What if Cars were alive? What if Robots were alive? But get this… what if your emotions were alive? Pixar are certainly no strangers to bringing humanity to anything and everything they can possibly find — Inside Out is perhaps Pixar’s most decadent foray into making a kids film as emotional as humanly possible; with Inside Out, they go all-in and come out in winning fashion. Inside Out is so “out there” that if it were not for the cute and cuddly characters, big stars, and big money thrown at it, we’d be tempted to call it an animated arthouse film.

7. Ratatouille

Top 10 Pixar Films

Just picture being a high-end producer, and someone pitches a movie about a master chef trapped on the body of a rodent and that rat, wants to cook in the heart of Paris. You’re thinking there is no version of this story that is clever or charming. Breaking the Pixar formula, this movie doesn’t rely on pulling at your heartstrings to be as brilliant as other Pixar masterpieces. Instead, thrives upon its exploration thematics of identity, artistry, purpose and passion. There are many underlying messages about being true to who you are; or perhaps, the struggle of defying family expectations to seek your own independence. There is something for everyone in this movie, and it’ll most definitely strengthen your appreciation for food. 

6. Finding Nemo

Top 10 Pixar Films

Finding Nemo can be defined as the perfect family film – a colourful and funny adventure with strong family morals at its core. Stunningly animated complimented by its well-selected cast. The film tugs on the emotional heartstrings while promoting positive underlying eco-friendly themes and containing a splash of humour. While ‘Finding Dory’ may have tainted Finding Nemo’s legacy, there is no doubt that Finding Nemo remains one of the best animated films ever made.

5. Toy Story

Top 10 Pixar Films

The first fully CGI animated film, Toy Story set the stage for Pixar to take over the world with its animated supremacy and not just on a visual level, but a storytelling level too. From its iconic voice acting roles to it’s heavy-hearted narrative ‘Toy Story’ is one for the ages



A genuine sci-fi masterpiece. The film contains no dialogue in the film’s first half hour but still manages to make the main character compelling and relatable. The characters may be robots but the themes are incredibly human as it is about the need to share life’s experiences with another. The screenplay is layered in subtext about consumerism, corporate greed and is a cautionary tale for climate change.

3. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.

Monster’s Inc. was one of Pixar’s dive into the truly wacky, taking audiences into one of Pixar’s most detailed and visceral worlds they’ve ever constructed. Monster’s Inc. is in many Pixar’s attempt to tackle discrimination in the way someone looks, empathy in the way someone acts, and even crony business practices. What makes Monsters Inc. stand so tall is its characters, the relationships the Sully and Boo form and the lasting effect it has had.

2. The Incredibles

The Incredibles

The inclusion of this film in the Pixar library became not just an instant classic for Pixar themselves but for animated films and even the superhero genre as a whole. From its quirky set of developed and interesting characters, to the overall adventure family dynamic – The Incredibles is perhaps Pixar’s greatest example of style and storytelling execution all in one package. From the wildly memorable villain to the endlessly fun rewatchability – ‘The Incredibles’ is by all accounts, incredible.

1. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

What can we say about Toy Story 3 that hasn’t been said already. The perfect balance of new and old toy characters was done perfectly. The ending of Toy Story 3 was the perfect way to end the Toy Story franchise (until Toy Story 4 came out) as it was done in an emotionally satisfying manner.

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