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Physical Media – Creed III 4K Review

Creed III marks an impressive directorial debut for Michael B. Jordan, who also stars in the film, taking the reins without having the iconic Sylvester Stallone feature in this film. This latest installment in the Rocky franchise offers a mix of highs and lows, with visually stunning moments and some of the most captivating boxing scenes ever captured on film. The storytelling and pacing stumble at times, revealing some rookie mistakes by the filmmaker. Creed III manages to hold its ground as a solid addition to the franchise, even though it falls short of its predecessors.

The 4K transfer with Dolby Vision and HDR10 truly elevates the viewing experience. Jordan’s directorial vision aims to showcase a fresh perspective within the boxing world and the overarching narrative. Consequently, the film boasts a distinct visual style that diverges from natural tones and colors. Instead, the screen is flooded with a mesmerizing array of blue-green hues and occasional touches of amber throughout most sequences.

Flashback scenes are particularly notable, draped in a darker, blueish-green tint adorned with amber highlights. Dolby Vision brilliantly accentuates these stylized colors, allowing them to shine against the backdrop and illuminate the lights. The black levels remain crisp and discernible in the distance, while interior shots and boxing matches exhibit a golden glow, complemented by vibrant reds and oranges. Jordan’s intention seems to be to balance warm and cool colors to symbolize various time periods and stages in the characters’ lives. Dolby Vision enhances the boldness of these color choices, albeit sometimes sacrificing natural beauty. Notably, the green training jumpsuit appears cooler within the ring, and the overall exterior elements lean toward darker tones. This stylistic decision is evident throughout, and the Dolby Vision and 4K capabilities handle it admirably, albeit with a touch of artificiality. Black levels remain rich and deep, devoid of any crush, and skin tones possess a pleasant warmth.

The level of detail is stunning, with close-up shots revealing intricate facial pores, individual stubble, meticulously crafted makeup applications depicting beatings, glistening beads of sweat and blood, and more. Textures in clothing, whether the sleek leather sheen of boxing gloves or the fine threads of suits, leave a lasting impression. Even in darker scenes, wider shots adequately showcase props and set designs. The action sequences truly shine in this 4K presentation, with no significant issues such as banding, aliasing, or excessive noise detracting from the visual experience.

Visuals Review: 3.5/5

Physical Media - Creed III

Accompanying the impressive visuals is the Dolby Atmos audio mix which is nothing short of spectacular. The sound effects during the intense boxing matches are a standout, capturing the fluid motion of each punch and the impact of skin-on-skin contact with boldness and power. These mind-bending sound effects traverse seamlessly between speakers, exhibiting a remarkable balance of ferocity and grace. The background roar of the crowd, featuring cheers and boos, envelops the viewer, creating an immersive atmosphere with just the right volume at any given moment.

Whether in vast arenas or training rooms, the Dolby Atmos track flawlessly reproduces the natural reverb and echo, providing an authentic sonic experience. The music and score add an abundance of heart and soul to the mix, accompanied by a robust bass in the lower frequencies. The rumble is fantastically controlled, never crossing into overwhelming territory. Dialogue remains clean, clear, and easily intelligible. The height speakers further enhance the auditory immersion by introducing crowd chants, atmospheric weather elements, and musical notes from above. This soundtrack could easily serve as a reference point for those seeking to showcase their audio system’s capabilities. There are no discernible issues with the audio presentation.

Sound Review: 4.5/5

Creed III offers a captivating cinematic experience, despite its minor flaws. It may not reach the pinnacle of its predecessors, but it forges its own path, delivering a solid entry in the Rocky franchise. The combination of stunning visuals, enhanced by Dolby Vision, and an immersive Dolby Atmos audio track make this film a treat for both the eyes and ears. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or simply seeking an adrenaline-fueled sports drama, Creed III offers an entertaining and technically impressive viewing experience that should not be missed.

Technical Specs
Format4K Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray + Digital
Video Resolution/Codec2160p HEVC/H.265
Length116 minutes
Release CountryUnited States
Aspect Ratio(s)2.39:1
Audio FormatsEnglish: Dolby Atmos
Subtitles/CaptionsEnglish SDH, Canadian French, Parisian French, Latin Spanish, German, Italian
Movie StudioWarner Bros.


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