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Should the MCU take a break? – MovieGainz Discussions

With the recent loss of Spiderman as a character within the MCU, the decline of fresh new characters to adapt, the over-saturation of superhero films in the past 10 years, and the overall completion of the Infinity Saga; the answer to this question may feel quite simple… perhaps the MCU should take a break. What would be your thoughts on this?

With the recent purchase of the Fox film decision, one could argue that Disney has never been in a stronger position. Phase Four has some intriguing films and TV shows on the way but in no way, does it guarantee to sustain the audience that the MCU has obtained. The Disney+ Marvel shows directly tie in with the MCU so it’ll be interesting to see how the audience reacts to having to consume films and TV. Disney may oversaturate the market which could jeopardise their audience, for instance, 2021 offers three films and four Disney+ Marvel shows that exist inside the MCU which seems like overkill for us.

While not being an interest to Disney, it would be healthy for Hollywood if the MCU took a break. Allowing a different range of blockbusters to come into the fray and also give competitive films a chance to thrive on their own. Honestly, this is something that we desperately want as we are getting a bit overwhelmed with the oversaturation of franchise films.

MCU phase 3 - Infinity War and Endgame

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