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Skyfall – Legacy Review

It’s often regarded that Skyfall is one of the best James Bond films of all time and after rewatching the film it’s easy to see why. Jaw-dropping visuals, outstanding score and an enthralling story, almost a decade on since it’s cinema release Skyfall still sets the bar when it comes to James Bond films. 

Skyfall’s story is not driven by a villain wanting to conquer the world. Refreshingly it is about a villain whose sole purpose is to seek revenge on M for abandoning him during an MI6 mission years ago. Daniel Craig is as always fantastic as James Bond and he is willing to do everything to protect ‘mum’ M. Judi Dench’s final performance as M is by far her best after spending almost 20 years in this role. Javier Bardem portrays Raoul Silva to his psychotic perforation making him one of the most compelling villains we have seen yet. Newcomers Naomi Harris and Ben Winshaw are both charming and entertaining as the classic characters of Eve Moneypenny and Q.

While Skyfall may be applauded for all the aspects it does right, the one thing it does fail at is exploring this new iteration of Bond deeper. Yeah we may get to see a more grizzled and war hardened Bond which explores his childhood background briefly. However the main story is not revolved around him, but it is more so Silva’s story in hunting down M.

Visually, Skyfall is absolutely outstanding and when the ever reliable Roger Deakins is in charge of the cinematography it’s no wonder why. Deakins is able to capture the beautiful landscapes of England and Scotland, mixed  with his signature shot of a dark silhouette in a fiery orange background; this is easily the most gorgeous Bond film made to date. With good visuals comes a great score. Unlike the past two installments, Thomas Newman utilised the classic 007 theme prominently throughout Skyfall making this film feel truly like a James Bond film. The classic theme is used best whe James Bond unveils the classic Aston Martin DB5 which was used in the film Goldfinger. Lets not forget the amazon opening credits song “Skyfall” performed beautifully by Adele which earned her an Academy Award.

Skyfall has etched it’s name in cinema history by being the most successful Bond film at the box office, but it has also captivated the interest in the newer generation of Bond fans. While it may have its flaws, as minor as they are, Skyfall still delivers a visually satisfying  and captivating movie where the stakes to lose are personally greater to the James Bond character than any film in the 007 franchise.


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