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Space Jam (1996) – Legacy review

A childhood classic where most 90s kids thought Space Jam was the greatest movie to ever exist, I mean you are mixing sports with the Looney Tunes this was bound to be an all time great right? Wrong! After watching Space Jam again as an adult I have realised that this film should be buried deeper in my childhood – never to resurface again.

While Michael Jordan can be respected as one of the greatest sporting athletes to ever exist, I’m glad he didn’t decide to pursue a career in acting post retirement. His bland and emotionless performance hampers the fun this movie is trying to accomplish, thank god for Bill Murray who delivered the best performance of this film and his interactions with the Looney Tune characters was a welcomed treat, the movie as a whole would have benefited more had he had a large role. Despite all the cheesiness throughout Space Jam there is a certain element of charm mainly when the Looney Tune characters are on screen and interacting with the real life characters. The dynamic between the Looney Tune characters will never die, as their wacky absurdness is always a joy to watch which is only made better by the constant bickering and playful pranks between Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny.

Visually Space Jam hasn’t aged well since the 90s. The messy use of blending of 2D hand drawn cartoon backdrops with 3D animation of the Looney Tune characters ruins the aesthetic of the film. The soundtrack choices throughout Space Jam is as 90s as ever with a perfect blend of classic 90s R&B and Hip Hop helps enhance the nostalgia that fuels this film.

Space Jam was made in the 90s and it very much should stay in the 90s as the nostalgia of the film isn’t as great as our childhood selves were led to believe, but the wackiness of The Looney Tunes is always entertaining and a joy to watch where their presence will always stand the test of time.


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