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Suicide Squad -Review

Suicide Squad movie review

Wasted potential are the words to describe the overwhelming response that Suicide Squad had upon release – from the talented casting choice, to the creative team behind the production design; Suicide Squad stands as an example in cinema of having every available resource supplied and completely wasting all of it.

Suicide Squad follows the story of a rag-tag group of villains joining forces to take down a malevolent entity.

Suicide Squad had every sign of a fun yet action packed extravaganza in its marketing, but some might remember that the initial trailer was much different than the later additions – this tonal shift from a serious and emotionally driven film to a fast paced action comedy is at the epicentre as to why this film suffered the way it did. Taking a film and chopping it to pieces to make it something its not will inevitably result in catastrophe; without doubt Suicide Squad has some of the worst editing I have ever seen in a blockbuster film, yes, it sits along side the recent pile dung known as Fantastic Four (2015). If David Ayer had fought back and kept his serious tone, and the studios slapped an R-Rating on Suicide Squad, who knows what could have been produced.

This film has a few saving graces though, and most lie in its cast – Margot Robbie was hands down the best part of the entire film, the only time you feel at ease is when she’s on screen working her magic as one of the best portrayals of a female character in comic book movies. Will Smith offered an admirable performance and some of the other cast weren’t bad, but they weren’t good either. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the actors fault for being in the middle of this mess, just take one read of the script and you can immediately sympathize with the actor having to deliver some of those lines.

David Ayer has produced some decent films but unfortunately Suicide Squad is not one of them; it could have been good if it stayed true to its vision, but it needed 6 months work on the script not 6 weeks, it needed a better villain, heck, it needed a better everything when it comes to its story. 


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