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Let’s B-Reel – Episode 14: Is This James Gunn’s Last Hurrah in the MCU?

On today’s show, we cover:

– Alan Ritchson joining Fast X
– Christopher Walken joining Dune: Part Two
– The ending of the Guardians of the Galaxy
– The incredible reviews to Top Gun: Maverick
– Twitter bots vs the Oscars
– ‘Blonde’ director comments regarding NC-17 rating
– And.. our box office roundup

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Dune – Review

For the better part of half a decade the common line uttered from avid book-readers and seasoned film-makers has more or less been the same; simply, that Dune was logistically and narratively unadaptable. The presiding thought being that the gargantuan scale of its world and intricacy of its lore would be the barrier between what…

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