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Let’s B-Reel – Episode 21 – Can the final season of Stranger Things build upon the greatness of Stranger Things: Season 4?

On today’s show, we cover:

– Update on new James Bond
– Obi-Wan Kenobi originally pitched as a film trilogy
– Update on Ari Aster Disappointment BLVD
– Godzilla V Kong sequel release date
– Stranger Things: Season 4 – Vol.2
– Our Box Office roundup

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No Time To Die – Review

If No Time To Die were a Vodka Martini, the cocktail would be a well-shaken beverage; consisting of 1 part Bond flair, 1 part heart inducing action sequences, and 2 parts raw emotion – all poured into the Martini glass that is Daniel Craig’s best performance as 007. No Time To Die has all the…

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Spectre – Legacy Review

Spectre had so much hope on its shoulders following on from the financial and critical success of Skyfall. Unfortunately it provided us with a plot twist everyone saw coming ever since the first trailer dropped and questionable plot choices, Spectre ended up floundering and continuing the Daniel Craig curse of inconsistent Bond films. It’s safe…

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Skyfall – Legacy Review

It’s often regarded that Skyfall is one of the best James Bond films of all time and after rewatching the film it’s easy to see why. Jaw-dropping visuals, outstanding score and an enthralling story, almost a decade on since it’s cinema release Skyfall still sets the bar when it comes to James Bond films.  Skyfall’s…

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Quantum of Solace – Legacy Review

Coming hot off the heels of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace unfortunately is unable to live up to its predecessor’s heights in which it ultimately flounders. Quantum of Solace reverts back to the old James Bond tropes of a blandness villain stuffed with cheesy and cringe worthy moments making it another way to die for…

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Casino Royale – Legacy Review

Gone are the days of the cheesy one liners, cringe worthy action scenes and the overall campiness of this franchise past… Bond is back rejuvenated and better than ever. Casino Royale reinvents James Bond, rebooting the iconic character to become more grounded and flawed in his actions, making this film join the conversation of being…

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