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Oppenheimer Film Still Christopher Nolan

Way Too Early 2024 Oscar Predictions

2024 Oscar Predictions – already?! Yeah I know, it is a bit silly to predict the Oscars from this early but hey, it is a little indicative to you, the reader, on what films are projected to be of high quality. I have done some quality digging on particular films and creatives to see what…

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Movie List – Top MCU Phase Three Films

Here we go, the Infinity Saga complete in all its glory! 11 years spent building this franchise up to heights we could never think imaginable and redefining what a blockbuster film really is. Phase three was really the pinnacle of long term story telling and world building as the events in films throughout it all…

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Air – Movie Review

Disclaimer: This movie review is a loose transcription from our podcast where we do all our movie reviews – link is at the bottom of this page to listen in! Nayan: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this review – James and I have just come out of Air – based on the Air Jordan shoe….

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