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The Gray Man – Review

What on God’s green earth compelled Netflix to spend $200 million on a frivolous action flick directed by the Russo Brothers with stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans? Who exactly is asking for this film? And why isn’t there another season of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? Well, with some context, this lunacy can…

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Let’s B-Reel – Episode 22: Phase 4?? The weakest of the MCU so far?

On today’s show, we cover:

Today we will be covering…
– Avatar 2’s 3 hour runtime
– James Cameron might not direct Avatar 4/5
– First thoughts on David O’Russell’s Amsterdam
– The Stranger Things Spin-Off
– Is the MCU declining?
– What was Taron Egerton’s meeting with Marvel about?
– And… our box office roundup

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Stranger Things Season 4: Vol 2 – Review

Stranger Things Season 4: Vol 2 brings together multiple narrative threads together in a pitch-perfect symphony of television magic – establishing itself amongst some of the best TV series of all-time.  You’ll see that in my review of Stranger Things Season 4: Vol.1, I really appreciated the wider scope, clearer vision and the setup for…

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Don’t Look Up – Review

Adam McKay’s bombastic, erratic, cocaine-induced directorial style builds towards a timely cataclysmic message. Don’t Look Up zooms in on the societal climate we live in today covering particular aspects such as the social media age and misinformation. There is a persistent spotlight on the fixation of our current human flaws which may become overbearing but…

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