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Spider-Man: No Way Home – Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home is an extremely dense film to unpack with so many shifting parts to balance in order for it to work. Jon Watts achieves a purposeful equilibrium in the storytelling while executing what might be the most emotionally resonant MCU film to date.  The film directly follows Spider-Man: Far From Home following…

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The Amazing Spider-Man – Review

The Amazing Spider-Man doesn’t offer much in terms of Spider-Man’s origin, as we see Uncle Ben killed off again and offering the advice of responsibility onto Peter Parker. But with fantastic performances from Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone it is enough to make this film enjoyable to watch. While the retelling of Spider-Man’s origin wasn’t…

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Spider-Man 2 – Review

17 years since it was released Spider-Man 2 is still an enthralling film to watch which pushed the Spider-Man franchise to new heights. Heart inducing action, an engaging villain and an emotional character arc, Spider-Man 2 can still be considered the best Spider-Man film made to date. What makes Spider-Man 2 such a joy to…

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