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Talk to Me: A Refreshing Take on Horror

Rating: ★★★★☆

Talk to Me is a little-known Australian horror film that has been making waves recently, boasting an impressive 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes. As someone who generally isn’t a fan of horror movies, I must admit that this film exceeded my expectations. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who discover a mysterious hand that allows them to communicate with spirits. While the premise may sound familiar, the execution sets it apart from other supernatural horror films.

One of the standout aspects of Talk to Me is genuine and dedicated filmmaking that aims to scare audiences using various techniques, rather than relying on cheap jump scares or predictable tropes. The directors, Danny and Michael Philippou, show real potential in their debut, delivering a suspenseful and engaging experience. The tension is skillfully built up, with whispers and shadows slowly creeping in, creating a sense of unease without resorting to loud noises or clichéd scares.

The practical effects and makeup in the film deserve special praise. By opting for realistic and gruesome practical effects instead of relying heavily on CGI, the movie achieves a heightened sense of realism that is often lacking in modern horror films. The attention to detail in the makeup and prosthetics adds to the authenticity of the terrifying creatures and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Furthermore, sound editing and mixing play a crucial role in intensifying the atmosphere. The film effectively uses sound to create confusion and immerse the audience in the characters’ experiences. The sound is restrained when necessary, building up tension, and unleashed at the right moments to deliver impactful scares. However, the choice of songs in some scenes felt overpowering and drowned out the dialogue, which could have been improved.

In terms of pacing, Talk to Me strikes the right balance for a horror film of its kind. It doesn’t overstay its welcome and maintains a suitable runtime that keeps viewers engaged without dragging on. Visually, the film offers some innovative camera work, avoiding static shots and utilizing movement to enhance the storytelling.

The performances in the film, particularly by the young and relatively unknown cast, are commendable. The lead actress, Mia, portrayed by Éowyn from “The Lord of the Rings,” delivers a standout performance, effectively conveying fear and emotion. The supporting cast also holds their own, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the film.

Talk to me

While Talk to Me may not have the same rewatchability as other genres, it remains a solid horror film that showcases the potential of the directors. Whether they decide to stick with horror or explore different genres, I will eagerly await their future projects.

Talk to Me offers a refreshing take on horror, delivering genuine scares and impressive practical effects. Despite some minor flaws in the sound mixing and song choices, the film succeeds in creating a suspenseful and engaging experience. Horror enthusiasts and even those who aren’t typically fans of the genre should consider giving Talk to Me a watch. With its strong performances and promising directorial debut, this Australian gem is worth exploring.

Review by Nayan and James

Disclaimer: This film review has been summarized with the assistance of an AI language model. Podcast version attached below.

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