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The Boys: Season 3 – Review

The last three episodes of The Boys: Season 3 caps off the best season of the series so far. With stakes raised, powerful moments and the destruction of Homlanders psyche it paves way for the series to go in a new direct come Season 4 which could potentially be the series’ last.

How do you top the first five episodes of The Boys: Season 3? Why with Herogasam of course. The sixth episode of the season went to no place the show or what I believe any show has ever gone to before. Filled with nudity, gore and tension this episode gave us the first tease of the showdown we have all been waiting for; Homelander vs Soldier Boy. While the fight was brief it was still anything better than what Batman V Superman did with its big showdown. The last two episodes of the series builds towards its season’s goal and series, which is to kill Homelander. However the final moments of the season finale, while it is epic, doesn’t quite stick to its landing narratively. We see character’s motivations change in an instant and characters turn on each other when they don’t have to as they are unaware that no one will die but just lose powers. The final few minutes of the season does lay the foundation for Season 4 which is sure to be an emotional one if the show sticks with its direction of the story beats it has set up.

If we thought Homelander’s mental descent was scary throughout the first five episodes then in these final three it takes it to a whole new level. It’s amazing that this show has explored the psyche of this character, we see him descending further and further into darkness but is only helped by people cheering him on. This is not good if you are an enemy of Homelander as he has now realised that he can do whatever he wants and will be applauded for it. Antony Starr may not have received an Emmy nomination but if he was on the list it wouldn’t be surprising. The mirror conversation he had as Homelander is quite possibly the best piece of acting from Homelander we have seen in the series so far, we see him emotionally vulnerable and aggressive in the same scenes.

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell, Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Tomer Capone as Frenchie, Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko Miyashiro & Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk in The Boys: Season 3 - Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

The visuals throughout the rest of the season is on par with the earlier episodes, lots of blood, gore and the occasional explosions it all comes together quite nicely. One element that was included in the last three episodes is a Who Framed Roger Rabbit inspired animation style as we see animated animals interact with Black Noir throughout the final episodes. The rock inspired tunes and songs are still present throughout the final episodes as the musical numbers are non-existent. The most chilling aspect of the score plays in the show’s final seconds as we hear high pitched violin screeches as the camera zooms on Homelander’s face to signify the descent of his mental psyche.

While viewers are slowly starting to get sick of the MCU and its quality, I do urge them to watch The Boys as it is a breath of fresh air to the comic book genre and is the perfect foil for the light and fluffy MCU. While the season finale is somewhat disappointing mainly due to the change of heart in characters it still excels above any MCU series that has been made to date and makes the wait for Season 4 more exciting.


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