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The Continental: A Stylish But Short-Lived Prelude

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

“The Continental,” the John Wick spin-off TV series, we delve into the past of a young Winston, portrayed by Colin Woodell, with the added presence of Mel Gibson. Visually, it successfully captures the John Wick aesthetic, delivering that signature gritty and stylish feel. However, the narrative stumbles, feeling rushed and underdeveloped with only three episodes, each lasting an hour to an hour and a half. The characters are largely forgettable, with Winston being the sole standout, though even his storyline falls short of expectations.

The series does offer some pleasing callbacks to the John Wick films, introducing various organizations like the Continental and the High Table. Regrettably, the promising buildup towards exploring the High Table representatives fizzles out, leaving viewers puzzled. On a positive note, the series boasts a fantastic score that blends the familiar John Wick synth with classical and blues influences. Sadly, the song choices frequently disrupt the viewing experience, detracting from the overall atmosphere.

The Continental

When it comes to action, “The Continental” emulates the John Wick style but falls short in execution. Creative shots are fleeting, preventing viewers from fully appreciating their impact. Mel Gibson’s character, Cormac, is a forgettable villain who lacks the menacing presence required for a young Winston’s adversary. The series is hampered by its three-episode format, failing to explore the expansive world of John Wick and its various organizations in depth. Colin Woodell’s portrayal of young Winston is one of the series’ stronger aspects, though not outstanding. The series struggles to maintain consistency in accents, with some characters’ accents standing out more than others.

“The Continental” manages to pay homage to the John Wick franchise but falls short of capturing the magic that makes John Wick great. It lacks the epic soundtrack, score, and remarkable fight choreography that define the films. On a scale of ten, it earns a modest four for its attempts to tie back to the source material but ultimately failing to capitalize on the franchise’s core strengths.

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