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The Incredibles 2 – Review

The Incredibles 2 movie review

Expectations are undoubtedly going to be monumental when audiences have been asking for a sequel for over a decade and it eventually gets announced – The Incredibles 2 is one of those films that audiences are inevitably going to feel ownership of, as these characters have been a major part of their life since they were young; anything short of a fantastical sequel will be unacceptable.

The Incredibles 2 follows a dual narrative revolving around Elastigirl’s new job involving superhero assignments while Mr Incredible attempts to accomplish his own superhero assignment; parenting.

A film that has been long-awaited had the big task of satisfying incredible expectations and this sequel lives up to the hype, providing a satisfying continuation from the original film. The Incredibles 2, like the original, has a script designed to appeal to both children and adults as it incorporates mature concepts that influence the plot but still allows the film to be incredibly enjoyable at the same time. This film attempts to make statements about governmental oversight, the soothing pleasures of consumerism, digital addiction and media influence, all of which parallel the real world. The overall delivery of these mature statements are injected into the film and are never truly elaborated on in an attempt to make a point, however it is admirable for a studio such as Disney to take on such intriguing concepts.

The Incredibles 2 succeeds in being such a sincere and thoughtful family-comedy film, as it focuses on keeping the viewer incredibly engaged through the light comedy and interesting family dynamics. Anything from Elastigirl riding a motorcycle to sequences with Jack-Jack’s hyperactive arsenal of competing powers is when The Incredibles 2 work best; simply focusing on the evolution of these characters and what they are going through.

The Incredibles 2 boasts energetic visuals and breathtakingly intense action sequences that are complimented with rich colours and detailed texture that can only come from the extensively refined imagery of Pixar. Certain scenes simulate the feeling of a real set and a real camera at work, it has a great use of camera-work that drives intensity and boosts immersion. The environments utilized in this film do not allow all characters to stretch their legs in terms of their superpower abilities, this puts a restraint on some characters. 

The sequel acts out like the first but fails to deliver its motifs in a similar fashion of the original and thus made it feel less of a personal experience. However, this film is incredibly fun and is met with such a distinct sincerity that allows the film to be a serviceable follow-up. Everybody’s favourite superhero family returns to the big screen in a remarkable fashion – providing riveting action set-pieces and a layered script that attempts to hit the key notes that the original film striked.


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