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The Incredibles – Review

The Incredibles movie review

Pixar’s dive into the superhero genre is a truly incredible one, with The Incredibles being among the first superhero films on the big screen to truly delve into the reality of being a super powered individual and the consequences such a life has – with the pioneer being Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise.

The Incredibles follows the story of a rag-tag family who are on a mission to save the world from catastrophe, as they struggle to become heroes in a world that has long since abolished them.

A supremely resourceful film that wastes no time building characters, themes, thought-provoking messages, and a tense story. This is a highly self aware film, laughing partially at the superhero genre through subtle satire and the slight caricature of its characters. Balancing the level in which this story handled its mocking nudges helped keep it grounded and serious when it needed to be – it only ever mocked components of the genre that required it, but stayed wholly focused on being a fun and complex movie.

The villain Syndrome is a perfect example of absurdity meets complexity; an exaggerated yet masterfully entertaining villain with bright orange spiked hair and a ridiculous costume are all coupled with his haunting demeanor, expressive personality, and twisted ideologies. The Incredibles goes far beyond just its satire or fun story, it tackles questions you never knew you had for the genre – how hero’s would live their lives in retirement or banishment, this depth allows the viewer to feel invested in both the world and characters that reside within it.

Almost every aspect of this film has technical mastery – the score we get from composer Michael Giacchino is tense, mysterious, and iconic, easily taking place as one of the best scores for a superhero film ever composed. The visuals were fantastic for their time and still hold up with its brilliant and creative cinematography alongside the mid century architecture of the film. 

This animated kids film from the legendary animation studio takes on the superhero genre in true Pixar fashion, with a powerful heart, enjoyable characters, and a layered story – the rewatchability of this film is second to none in sheer entertainment value within its genre. The Incredibles pushes genre conventions to new heights, providing a complex twist on the superhero genre while standing tall as one of best superhero films ever made.


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