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Weekend Box Office Results: Scream VI slashes it’s way to a $44M+ Opening Weekend

Scream 6 Box Office Results

Weekend Box Office Results for March 10-12, 2023

Please find the Top 10 Weekend Box Office Results below.

Scream VI

Arriving right on par with my box office forecast for this weekend, Scream VI went on a spree at the box office and notched up an extremely healthy $44M+ gross for its opening weekend. A new record for the beloved horror franchise! These results reassure studios and creatives within the film industry that a theatrical release model is a viable option and that streaming releases should be notched down to 90+ days – rather than the current 45-day threshold.

As for Scream VI, it opened incredibly high above all predecessors (minus Scream V) whereas comparing them wouldn’t result in much in determining their long-term viability at the box office. Comparing it to high-calibre horror films released in the pandemic era is an excellent metric to ponder where this will end up domestically:

  • Halloween Kills – $49.4M with a total of $92M
  • A Quiet Place: Part II – $47.5M with a total of $160
  • Halloween Ends – $40M with a total of $64M
  • Nope – $44.3M with a total of $123M
  • Scream V – $30M with a total of $81M

As you can see, horror films are wildly skewed when it comes to their staying power at the box office. They either fall off a cliff like Halloween Ends or reach the 3X multiplier like A Quiet Place: Part II. However, Scream VI has respectable reviews and excellent WOM so it should avoid the Halloween curse and get over a 2.3X multiplier. It opened higher than Scream V so I don’t expect staying power to be as strong due to frontloading and March competition. I’d say $110-120M is in play, we’ll see how things track in the second weekend.

Creed III

Creed III - Weekend Box Office Results

Another one that I was bang on the money within my box office forecast, Creed III is the steepest for the Creed franchise but just a touch below Creed II. This was to be expected though as the film had a monstrous opening weekend so a 53% drop to $27.1M is an excellent sign and shows some potential legs. Creed III reaches the century mark as it tops $101M in total from Sunday. It can hit around the $150 – $180 million range by the end of its run. 


This might be the biggest surprise of the weekend? I was only expecting an $8.5M debut for 65 which was below pre-release projections as they had it opening to $10M. The film opened to $12.3M which I can’t say is great for Sony but hey, higher than projections is a good thing… right?

Domestic Weekend Box Office Results for March 10-12, 2023

1.) Scream VI – 3,675 theatres – $43.5M

2.) Creed III – 4,007 theatres – $26.7M (-54%) – Total $100.9M

3.) 65 – 3,405 theatres – $10.5M

4.) Ant-man and the Wasp Quantumania – 3,150 theatres – $7M (-45%) – Total $197.7M

5.) Cocaine Bear – 3,204 theatres – $6.35M (-43%) – Total $51.8M

6.) Jesus Revolution – 2,519 theatres – $5.3M (-38%) – Total $39.5M

7.) Champions – 3,030 theatres – $4.77M

8.) Avatar: The Way of Water – 1,675 theatres – $2.7M (-26%) – Total $674.7M

9.) Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village – 1,700 theatres – $1.7M (-83%) – Total $14.1M

10.) Puss in Boots: Last Wish – 1,816 theatres – $1.64M (-40%) – Total $179.6M

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